Real Gangsters Move In Silence

Culture Signals 1.9.20

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(originally posted this on my Linkedin Profile. Rewind Selecta…..)

I’ve noticed something. It’s too easy to get “attention” and “media” awareness these days.

What this has created is a new era of “thirsty fame” for Executives, VC’s, Influencers, Marketers, Gurus/Shamans and futurists who are “famous” because they seem to be everywhere but truth be told they haven’t actually done anything, aren’t really good at their craft, don’t even write checks out of their “fund” and most of all lack the magic they say they possess

It’s leaving some of you feeling like you aren’t “crushing it” or far enough along and you begin to develop this unnecessary “Career FOMO” based on what you think Mr. So and So is doing or what Top 30 list you think you need to be on or didn’t make.

I’ve been around the block for a minute, appeared on major media outlets, invited to all the stages, summits, gatherings and awards show. Here are words of advice I give free of charge

  • You are enough

  • Where you are right now is where you are supposed to be.

  • Stop looking around.

  • Everyone on IG is not balling out like you think they are.

  • Real Mobsters move in silence.

  • Most of my mentors and heroes aren’t even on social media.

2020 is your year. Play your part. Where you are right now is where you are supposed to be. You got this!

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Happy new year ya’ll. See you next week. This is going to be fun, I have lots to say.